About Us

In 1994 Patrick Byrne started Power Pak based on the concept of offering “full waste-stream service management” directly to the end user. Having spent many years in the waste management business, Patrick was concerned with the traditional sales methods being used in the waste industry, that is, match a potential clients existing service with the same service but at a slightly reduced price.

Traditionally, compactor and baler manufactureres sold equipment directly to haulage companies; such equipment however is counterproductive to a haulage companies profit which is based on frequent trash pick-ups. It is not in a haulage company’s best interest to offer equipment for “full waste-stream services” to their clients.

Patricks concept of "full waste-stream management" brought innovative and progressive methods of handling clients trash concerns straight to the end user thus allowing clients to
  • Lower overall waste associated costs and environmental impact
  • Reduce labour time associated with waste management
  • Provide cleaner more safe disposal sites
  • Minimize waste site space requirments
  • Produce additional unrealized revenue from waste that previously had gone to landfill sites

Through progressive thinking and directly marketing waste management equipment such as balers and compactors at competitive pricing to the end user, Power Pak’s programs have helped its clients save millions of dollars and dramatically lower the amount of waste going to landfil sites. Power Pak’s innovative recycling programs have helped lower carbon emmissions in an incalcuable way that benefits us all in the present and future.

Industries that have benefit from Power Pak Programs include:
  • Grocery
  • Food Processing
  • Property Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Textile
  • LUmber Yards & Lumber Processing
  • Freight Expiditers & Logistics
  • Schools

Benefits Of Compaction

Instituting a compaction waste reduction and or recycle program is environmentally responsible and cost effective. Compacting your waste reduces the quantity of haulage trips to the landfill station. Recycling diverts waste from our landfill stations, and in some cases can produce income for your company. This creates a cost savings for you and reduces your company’s carbon foot print. Compaction also eliminates the need for your employees to break down packaging, reducing your waste handling man hours.

We can work independently of your waste haulage contractor – this means we will stay with you in the event that you choose to change your haulage contractor. However if you would like to avoid dealing with a haulage company, we can do that for you too.


Our sales force is here to help you choose a waste system that is right for your company’s needs.

Factors that you need to look at include available space, quantity and type of waste, access and of course your budget. Call us today