Equipment – Balers


Power Pak balers come in a variety of sizes to suit all volumes, types and sizes of material. Balers are ideal for formatting your material into a marketable product that can be shipped across town or around the world.

Power Pak ensures your company will have the most cost effective and appropriate baler to maximize your return on investment and minimize your space and labor requirements.

Power Pak works closely with partner recycling companies to stay up to date in the ever-changing world of recycling. This ensure that your recyclables stay out of land fill sites and when possible are sold for profit.

Vertical Compactor 3

The Power Pak ‘V Series’ are ideal for low to mid-size volumes of wet trash where space may be an issue.

The powerful compaction ram will compress the volume of material to a fraction of its original volume. This decreases haulage pick-ups required and dramatically reducing your waste removal costs.

Ideal Applications
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Film and rigid plastic
    • Lumper wrap
    • Textiles
    • Cans
    • Foam and Styrofoam
    • Plastic strapping
    • Virtually any waste that your business accumulates in quantity
Features Include
    • Variety size of bales can be produced; Power Pak is expert at assessing your material to determine the correct size of machine required. Bales are 42″ high and range in widths of 36″x30″, 42″x30″, 60″x30″(Mill Size), and 72″x30″
    • Specialty balers are available such as Drum crushers, multi-material, textile, and dewatering balers.
    • Customized set up depending on space available, type of material being baled, floor or pallet – bale ejection
Easy & Safe Operation
    • Safety gate that prevents operation when open
    • Auto stop feature if gate is opened during operation
    • Keyed on/off for authorized users
    • Side mounted ratchets that ensure operator safety
    • Large emergency stop buttons
    • ‘Full’  light notifies when full bale is ready for tie off and ejection
Customers That Use This Equipment
    • Loblaw’s – store level and distribution center
    • Canadian tire
    • Metro grocery store
    • North Key Food Distribution
    • Sobeys –  store level and distribution center
    • Merchants Flea Market
    • The Art Gallery of Ontario
    • Sir Sandford Flemming College
    • Toys-R-Us
    • David Roberts Food
    • Décor Grates
    • Hugo Boss
    • Northhumberland Mall
    • St. Joseph’s Hospital
    • Delta Bingo

The team of professional’s at Power Pak are here to help determine the best compactor solution for your needs, along with ensuring smooth installation and offering full on-going support.