Why it’s a better choice to compact your waste with Power Pak!

Save Money

Power Pak offers free, no obligation, on-site analysis of your unique waste situation. With an emphasis on finding solutions to save you money on your haulage and waste management man-hours and perhaps make you money through recycling programs.

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Helping Environment

Power Pak offers innovative waste management solutions starting with waste reduction through progressive recycling programs to ensure that the waste going to landfill is truly waste. Power Pak offers waste removal strategies that will lower your companies carbon footprint.

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Increase Efficiency

Power Pak handles it all, from planning and design to install, set up and training. We offer competitive pricing and financing. Power Pak stays with you with long after the installation with equipment maintenance and service.

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Our Equipment

We offer both new and used equipment.

Check them out and if you're interested, all you have to do is get in touch with us!
  • Balers

    Power Pak balers come in a variety of sizes to suit all volumes, types and sizes of material.

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  • Stationary

    Power Pak Stationary Compactors are the work horses of the Power Pak line of Compactors.

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  • Self Contained

    This is an ideal product for any business that has wet – organic, recyclable materials such as food waste from a grocery store or restaurant.

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About Us

In 1994 Patrick Byrne started Power Pak based on the concept of offering “full waste-stream service management” directly to the end user. Having spent many years in the waste management business, Patrick was concerned with the traditional sales methods being used in the waste industry, that is, match a potential clients existing service with the same service but at a slightly reduced price. Traditionally, compactor and baler manufactureres sold equipment directly to haulage companies; such equipment however is counterproductive to a haulage companies profit which is based on frequent trash pick-ups. It is not in a haulage company’s best interest to offer equipment for “full waste-stream services” to their clients.

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News & Events

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New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

On Sunday October 28, 2018 at the "Our Oceans" conference in Bali, 275 brands, retailers, recyclers and governments collaborated on the "New Plastics Economy" Global commitment. Of significance is the fact that the 275 signatories are collectively responsible for producing twenty percent of all plastic packaging globally. The New Plastics Economy is being toted as the "largest unified approach to read more

Is Your Business Ready for Tough Waste Legislature?

“Circular Economy” is a globally used term to describe the future of waste management.  In a Circular Economy focus is on preventing waste rather than relying on the traditional “3 R’s” to manage waste. A “Circular Economy” means keeping resources in use as long as possible, extracting maximum value from resources while in use and recovering and or regenerating products and mater read more

Five Reasons for a Free waste Analysis from Power Pak

Changes in your business often impact waste management needs. Power Pak offers free no obligation waste analysis to businesses including existing clients. Power Pak will ensure that your waste situation is current with the present standards and optimized to save your business money and in many situations make your business money!

  1. Increased waste production
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