Five Reasons for a Free waste Analysis from Power Pak

Changes in your business often impact waste management needs. Power Pak offers free no obligation waste analysis to businesses including existing clients. Power Pak will ensure that your waste situation is current with the present standards and optimized to save your business money and in many situations make your business money!

  1. Increased waste production

Frequent haulage is expensive especially with rising gas prices. Large waste haulage truck cause wear and tear on property as well as contribute a large carbon footprint to the environment. Power Pak can find the right equipment for your unique waste needs that will reduce haulage pick-ups by as much as 75% or more!

  1. Business consolidation or location changes

Changes in business locations can disrupt your waste site size and accessibility. Power Pak has site experts that will analyze your site and offer innovative solutions including custom built equipment loading docks and chutes.

  1. Change in the type of waste being produced

Power Pak strives to ensure that your business is properly reducing waste at its source which is the best way to divert waste from landfill sites, save money and potentially make money. Power Pak analyzes your company’s waste to ensure the correct equipment is in place for optimal recycling. Power Pak knows the recycling markets and can recommend recyclable waste which may have market value. Often the cost of equipment is offset by recycling income and reduced haulage charges.

  1. Waste Budget changes

Power Pak equipment reduces labor time needed to handle waste management. Power Pak ensures your business has the right equipment to reduce man hours needed to break down packaging, load and maintain open bins or sort recyclables. Power Pak knows that having the right equipment in place will help manage your waste budget by ensuring proper waste stream management and avoiding unnecessary haulage expenses. Power Pak offers affordable monthly fixed rate financing and offers custom programs that fit your company’s budget

  1. Dissatisfaction with current waste haulage company

Power Pak works independent of Haulage Company’s, if you are a Power Pak client your equipment stays with you even if you change haulage providers. Power Pak deals with reputable, responsible haulage contractors who have a history of excellent service and fare pricing. Power Pak ensures customized pick-up schedules based on its client needs, not those of haulage contractors. Power Pak ensures that its clients are not taken advantage of through inflated pricing and over-service practices.