Equipment – Self Contained

Self – Contained Compactors

This is an ideal product for any business that has wet – organic, recyclable materials such as food waste from a grocery store or restaurant. Self – Contained Compactors have a packer head permanently attached to the container making the unit liquid tight, this eliminates vermin or insect infestation and odors. They are designed to store and transport waste, prevent contamination of work and public areas in accordance with public health requirements, improve working conditions and reduce disposal costs.

The Power Pak self–contained compacting system is a carefully engineered waste compacting system specifically designed for high-volume wet waste. They are available in front end style for lower volume and/or small space applications and roll-off style for high volume customers.

Vertical Compactor 3

The Power Pak ‘V Series’ are ideal for low to mid-size volumes of wet trash where space may be an issue.

The powerful compaction ram will compress the volume of material to a fraction of its original volume. This decreases haulage pick-ups required and dramatically reducing your waste removal costs.

Ideal Applications
  • Property management
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food chains
  • Nursing homes
  • Flea Markets
  • Resorts
Features Include
  • Variety of sizes include: 5, 6, 8, 20, 30, 36 cubic foot. Custom fabrication is also available
  • Choice of side, front or rear feed
  • Customized ground or dock level, Chute feed and weather enclosures
  • Blend seamlessly into surroundings
Easy & Safe Operation
  • Safety door switch, indicator lights for container placement and ram position
  • Keyed on/off to prevent outsider dumping, vermin, scavenging, employee hide and steal
  • Fully sealed to prevent seepage, leaks and odors
Customers That Use This Equipment
  • Loblaw’s – store level and distribution center
  • Canadian tire
  • Metro grocery store
  • North Key Food Distribution
  • Delta Bingo
  • Sobeys –  store level and distribution center
  • Merchants Flea Market
  • The Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Sir Sandford Flemming College
  • Toys-R-Us
  • David Roberts Foods
  • Décor Grates
  • Hugo Boss
  • Northhumberland Mall
  • St. Josephs Hospital

The team of professional’s at Power Pak are here to help determine the best compactor solution for your needs, along with ensuring smooth installation and offering full on-going support.