Financing is available for all Power Pak equipment and installations.

Why Rent?

Power Pak's popular rental program makes compactors and balers affordable to every business!
  • Affordable monthly fixed rate, we can customize a program that fits your needs for often less than the savings achieved through waste compacting!
  • Blended in expense of installation such as site modifications concrete pads, wall openings and structures
  • Eliminates the need to source capital
  • Flexibility to changed or upgraded equipment as your needs change due to business changes, renovations, business location changes or changes in waste stream
  • No hassle haulage company changes without the expense and inconvenience of exchanging equipment.
  • Peace of mind with full-term parts and labor warranty
  • Increased tax benefits from rental as compared to lease or purchase
  • Value added services such as unbiased information on market trends, value for recycled product and assistance when negotiating waste haulage rates.